District Goals

Spartanburg School District Four developed a comprehensive plan called the District Strategic Plan that will guide programs and initiatives over the next five years (2015 – 2020). This plan was completed through committees that included teachers, assistants, students, parents, business members, community leaders, administrators, and school board members. The process began with a needs assessment, including a demographic study, student achievement data, and survey results. From an analysis of the district’s needs, the committee developed goals, strategies, and action plans. Plans were created in the areas of Student Achievement, Teacher/Administrator Quality, School Climate, and Facilities. Plans will be reviewed on a yearly basis to determine progress toward the goals outlined below.


Performance Goal Area: Student Achievement


Performance Goal 1:


Increase student achievement on standardized assessments to exceed state averages, national averages, and/or Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs).

Interim Performance Goal 1A:

Exceed the state and national average in percentage passing and mean score on all End of Course and Quality Core tests.

Interim Performance Goal 1B:

Exceed the state norm on all assessments in grades 3 – 8.

Interim Performance Goal 1C:

Increase subgroup performance on state assessments.

Interim Performance Goal 1D:

Increase percentage of students scoring at or above the 50th percentile on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to 80% in reading and 85% in math for grade 2.

Interim Performance Goal 1E:

Improve performance levels of special education students as measured by the state rating on the IDEA Determination Profile by 10% in ELA and math.

Performance Goal 2:


Support the acquisition of skills for college and career readiness.

Interim Performance Goal 2A:

Enroll 25% of Juniors and Seniors in at least one AP class.

Interim Performance Goal 2B:

Surpass the state average on the mean ACT and WorkKeys in grade 11.

Interim Performance Goal 2C:

Increase on time graduation rate to 87%.

Interim Performance Goal 2D:

Provide opportunities for students to explore college and career options.



Performance Goal Area: Teacher/Administrator Quality


Performance Goal 3:


Provide a highly qualified, motivated, and professional staff focused on continuous improvement to prepare students for future opportunities in a global society.

Interim Performance Goal 3A:

Increase the percentage of teachers with advanced degrees.

Interim Performance Goal 3B:

Implement professional development to address new initiatives and documented needs.



Performance Goal Area: School Climate


Performance Goal 4:


Provide safe, healthy, and stimulating learning environments that support students in achieving their goals.

Interim Performance Goal 4A:

Increase healthy lifestyle choices made by students.


Interim Performance Goal 4B:

Increase attainment of 21st century skills in students.

Interim Performance Goal 4C:

Increase student engagement in academic and extra-curricular activities.

Performance Goal 5:


Strengthen home-school relations, community partnerships, and district family connections through communication and collaboration.

Interim Performance Goal 5A:

Increase satisfaction with home-school relations to 90% at Woodruff Elementary, 80% at Woodruff Middle, and 80% at Woodruff High.

Interim Performance Goal 5B:

Increase percentage of students represented by family, friend, or community member at school-sponsored events outside of the regular school day to 50% in PreK – Grade 2.



Performance Goal Area: District Priority/Facilities


Performance Goal 6:


Provide safe, well-maintained facilities that support students’ academic and athletic activities.

Interim Performance Goal 6A:

Provide classroom spaces to meet specialized needs.

Interim Performance Goal 6B:

Increase energy efficiency by upgrading climate controls and lighting needs.

Interim Performance Goal 6C:

Provide safe environment through upgrades to cameras and security systems.

Interim Performance Goal 6D:

Provide athletic facilities for the variety of student activities.

Interim Performance Goal 6E:

Upgrade parking throughout the district.

Interim Performance Goal 6F:

Maintain facilities throughout the district.

Interim Performance Goal 6G:

Provide adequate food service areas for students.

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